Theatrixx Totem

Theatrixx Totem 2.5mm

Standalone, fully autonomous digital signage display

The Theatrixx Totem is a standalone, fully autonomous digital signage display. It can be used either has a free-standing structure (with optional locking casters) or as a digital power installed to a wall or suspended from the ceiling in any orientation. Its direct-view LED display ensures readability even in bright environnements and a strong plexiglass cover protects its surface against long term damage.

Each Totem can be connected to WiFi and loaded with new content with just a few clicks. A user-friendly PC application allows the management of your fleet of Totems on a local network, and creating new slides is as easy as designing a PowerPoint slide show. The software also provides detailed logging such as play counts easily exportable to Excel. Totems can even be controlled from iOS or Android devices and an optional subscription-based cloud platform allows the handling of a larger fleet of device from anywhere in the world.

DOCUMENTATION – spec sheets

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