Video projection

For a video projection out of the ordinary, by a qualified team

Whether for an indoor or outdoor event, sports, professional or artistic, you will need equipment to get the best video projection. All the best video projection technologies are at your disposal and state of the art.

An expert team

Our team of experienced technicians is trained to offer you an outstanding service. They know their equipment and will advise you adequately to meet your requirements in audiovisual, precisely in relation to the video projection.

Available material

  • Small projectors (PGLX-2000, Nec M352WS, PG-2870W, Sharp XR-20X, PGLW-2000, etc.);
  • Large projectors (BARCO UDX 4K32, 14K-HD, 10K DHD1052-Q, LW720, LW650, LX-1500, LX-700, LX-650, Nec M352WS, LX-65);
  • 3M overhead projector;
  • Mirrors

Our flagship projectors


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